Widow’s Story

A Widow’s Story

Mercy’s life Journey

Mercy is a 43 year-old widow from Bafanji in Ndop, North West Region of Cameroon. She is now a resident in Bafoussam, in the Western Region. Her husband died when she was 32 years old, leaving her with 4 children. Due to the difficulties she faced after her husband’s demise, with no help for her

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Francisca Walter’s story

I will use this opportunity to tell you a personal story. I lost my husband of 29 years at the beginning of 2018, through a ghastly car accident in Cameroon. As always, the widow gets the harshest treatment from the in-laws. I was not spared. Most widows end up abandoning everything and running for their

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Widows Christmas Banquet – Buea

Widows Christmas Banquet – Buea Widows Christmas Banquet – Buea After our Foumbot Count Your Blessings banquet in the West (see post here: https://ovirtuouswomen.com/widows-christmas-banquet-foumbot/), our ground coordinators headed to the South West Region and blessed some more widows. In every region we went to, we gave gifts and sponsored some of the widows to grow

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